1. Especial


I love your smile, the way you talk, and how you laugh
I love your style, the way you walk, and how you act
You make me proud, the way you are, you're so damn bad
You need crown, girl you a star, and that’s a fact
She my modelo yea she especial
Girl I just wanna make you mine no quiero esperar
Y es verdad
Girl ain’t no lie I’ll keep it real with you
They want to get the finished product but I’ll build with you
Just keep it true
And I’m good but she my better half
The best I ever had
That’s why they big mad
Shawty got that quicksand
And yea I like the way she ride call her Six Flags
But like it better in reverse she got a Big ass
And got a big heart
But it was a jigsawed
I had to fit the pieces
And now it’s been completed
Just let them lames talk, cause baby this our season
We cut from the same cloth, and now we interweaving