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Chronic Flows Mixapes

Heavy Hearted

Heart aches and fractured relationships are the theme for Heavy Hearted. The songs are mellow and smooth, yet emotionally driven and filled with spirit and strength. Even through the lows, Clymax forces himself to the top to deliver a passionate piece of work. 

Clymax uses songs like “Hurt Her” and “Unfaithful” as a direct reflection of his own wrongdoings in the relationships that have left him hurting. “Start from Scratch” and “Feel Your Love” are an attempt at reigniting dying flames, while his remix to “Ten Toes Down” shines a light on the scars that are left behind due to disloyalty. 

His remix to Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” has garnered over 30,000 streams on Spotify alone. His smooth delivery compliments the somber beat, as he details another failed relationship. This remix perfectly defines the entire project.

Rather than place blame on others, Clymax places the burden upon himself and takes full responsibility for the ordeals highlighted in this project. It's the only way to move on and push forward.

Controlled Substance

Controlled Substance takes things back to the basics. It's a project for the streets. "Bills in the Briefcase" sets the tone for the entire project, using a hyper aggressive beat and delivery to quickly let listeners know what they're in for. A homage to the everyday hustlers and street runners, Controlled Substance puts the spotlight back on the hood and the paper chase. 

Clymax pays homage to Houston Hip-Hop legend, SPM, on his "Must Be High" remix, flexing his Spanish vocabulary and bragging about his Mexican Heritage. He then flows on the iconic "June 27" beat, shouting out many neighborhoods in the SouthEast area. Clymax also pays tribute to the late, great DJ Screw on "Jammin' Screw," which features samples from legendary artists like Fat Pat, Pimp C, Trae The Truth, and even Screw. 

Songs like "The Heist" and "The Set Up" are vivid depictions of street life. They illustrate the consequences of materialism, greed, and revenge. Tracks like "Show Palace" and "Hennessy" highlight the nightlife in Houston. Every song is different, but combined they create a cohesive project. 

Controlled Substance reminds listeners of Clymax's upbring, all in a lyrical package filled with superb rhymes and banging beats. 

Handle My Bidnezz

From the Pad to the Public

The Game is Deep